Youth Protection Training

Posted on Sun, Sep 15, 2013:

ALL ADULTS should take this 20-minute course

Youth Protection Training is a very informative 20-minute course that is required training for every Scout Leader, and must be renewed every 2 years.

It covers important guidelines and procedures that we observe and enforce to ensure the safety of our youth. It covers principles such as "two-deep leadership", "no one-on-one contact" and issues of privacy and protection that are to be followed in all Scouting activities.

By watching this video as parents, you will understand the rules that your Leaders are expected to follow. You will be able to help support your Leaders, and serve as an extra set of eyes to help avoid, prevent and - if required - report exceptions.

We are firmly committed to the safety of our youth in Pack 459, and thank you for giving 20 minutes of your time to help us fulfill this committment.

To take Youth Protection Training (YPT):


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