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Pack 459
Pack-Away Trip to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center!

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Pack-Away Trip to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center!

Posted on Sat, Dec 19, 2015

New Info Added / Updated as of February 2nd!

Pack 459’s spring 2016 pack-away trip will be to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL on March 12-13 2016!! -UPDATED FEBRUARY 2ND-

Pack 459 will be taking part in the SURVEYOR Overnight Program…

About the program:

Surveyor™ is a great way to experience the excitement of spaceflight! Surveyor is a one-night, structured educational adventure that allows the opportunity to explore the U.S. Space & Rocket Center®.

Trainees in the Surveyor program prepare for a tumble spin on the Multi-Axis Trainer and experience the Five Degrees of Freedom Chair! They see an IMAX® or a digital movie, and build and launch paper rockets. They also have a science briefing that is correlated to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) national education standards. Adult chaperones participate in Surveyor.

Activities & Information:

  • Science Presentation

  • Paper Rocket Activity

  • Multi-Axis Trainer

  • Public Museum Simulators

  • Gift Shop

  • IMAX® or Digital Movie

  • On-site meals (Dinner Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday)

  • On-Site Lodging: Bunk-bed, Dorm-style. Males separated from Females.

  • Check In: 1:30 pm Saturday March 12.

  • Check Out: Approximately 2 pm Sunday March 13.

About the U.S. Space & Rocket Center:



  • Padlock for your locker
  • Toiletries: soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Sleeping bag or twin size sheets, blanket and pillowcase (pillow provided)
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions
  • Closed-toe shoes (required for some simulators)
  • Shower shoes
  • Change or $1 bills for vending machines
  • Cameras and Video Cameras are encouraged


  • In Habitat 1, males and females sleep on separate floors. In the event that both floors one and two are at capacity, male and female students will be housed at opposite ends of the hall from one another on the third floor. Students are not allowed to co-mingle on the residential floors, but may visit in common areas prior to lights out.
  • Clothing and shoes must be worn at all times when outside the habitat rooms (no exceptions). We strongly encourage our guests to wear shower shoes that can be worn both inside and outside of the showers. Please note that boxer shorts are not allowed to be worn as an outer garment. Outer garments with offensive material are prohibited.
  • In order to promote a good night’s rest, we have organized a specific routine designed around each program to ensure all guests are prepared for the next day’s activities. The crew trainers and staff will assist in any way possible to meet this guideline.
  • Cell Phones are highly discouraged and are not allowed during activities.
  • Food and drinks (except bottled water) are prohibited in the Habitat rooms. All snacks and caffeinated beverages are to be consumed before 7:30PM Central time.
  • Lockers are provided for every occupant within the habitat rooms. Please bring a padlock to secure belongings.
  • We encourage students to take pictures during their visit to Space Camp. However cameras are not allowed in the restrooms (no exceptions).


  • Stay with your crew trainer.
  • Be Respectful; listen to your crew trainer and fellow trainees at all times. They contain a wealth of knowledge they are eager to share.


  • Orientation will be held on the first day of your arrival.
  • During Prep-for-Bed a crew trainer will ensure each trainee is in their assigned bunk, and will turn off the overhead lights at the scheduled lights-out time. A crew trainer will turn on the overhead light during the wake-up period to start the beginning of the new day.
  • Adults are allowed to remain up past the lights-out time for use of the restrooms, etc. but are asked to please observe the quiet hours to ensure the trainees receive adequate rest.
  • Waste Management facilities are for both adults and student trainees. Any Waste management facility labeled Staff Only are for our Space Camp Staff. Space Camp staff will not use trainee restrooms.
  • Adults are prohibited from entering an opposite gender WM facility without a representing gender escort.
  • Adults will not be allowed to remove a trainee from their activities without permission and assistance from Space Camp Management.


For our overnight guests, the US Space & Rocket Center has three on-site Habitat facilities, described below. Each is designed to provide comfortable, climate-controlled accommodations. Room assignments are made by gender; chaperones share accommodations with students of the same gender.

If your students or chaperones have special physical requirements such as wheelchair accessibility, please inform your Reservations Agent four (4) weeks in advance, so we may reserve appropriate accommodations.

-Please note, housing arrangements are determined by availability and group size.


Habitat 1 is designed to look like an imagined space colony one might find orbiting the Earth. Each room is about the size of the living area of the Space Shuttle, and houses a Shuttle-sized crew of seven students in bunk beds (5 top bunks). Lockers are provided for personal belongings. Phones, water fountains, bathrooms and shower facilities are located on each floor.


Habitat 2 houses students in larger, barracks-style rooms called “bays” with 30-60 beds per bay. Lockers are provided for personal belongings. Phones, water fountains, bathrooms and shower facilities are conveniently located near each bay.


Habitat 3 is located on our Aviation Challenge campus, a short drive from the main Space Camp complex. Habitat 3 also houses students in barracks-style rooms. Lockers are provided for personal belongings. Phones, water fountains, bathrooms and shower

facilities are located near each bay.


Your students’ safety is important to us. A resident counselor is on call for each building to assist with emergencies. Security officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, and an officer is stationed in the Habitat area overnight.


When you arrive, please proceed to the Space Camp Parking lot and the Space Camp Red Towers

Should you have any questions, please contact our Cubmaster, John Leekley, at, or come to the Pack Meetings or Monthly Committee meetings!

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

-Updated as of 2/2/2016-
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